Hello to all my friends,

Let’s get right to it:

THE “DON’T PUNISH PAIN RALLY” will take place on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 12 p.m. EST, in all states, with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska.

What is the mission of this rally? Well, the CDC guidelines, and about 1,000 other factors,  have made it nearly impossible for doctors to treat their patients’ pain, adequately, due to the “OVERCORRECTING” of the illicit Fentanyl/Heroin overdosing epidemic.

In order to have a successful rally, I feel that spokespersons should be at each rally and a team should be in place to assist the spokesperson. Maybe I’m going about it the wrong way, but I’m relying on my gut instinct.

I’m looking for one or more spokespersons to represent their state. What is involved with being a spokesperson?

  1. You need to pass a background check, and that’s for the safety of the community.
  2. You need to find a venue. I thought the Statehouse would be a great place but it may not be convenient for your state. You know your state better than I. Maybe the place where your State Fair is held,  the city hall, a local park is a better option. Don’t stress….we’re going to help you.
  3. Contact your local news/media outlets (they have tip lines) and send them information regarding the rally. You may want to share your personal experience, or just educate the media, how millions have been affected by the CDC guidelines or opioid-related laws that are on the books in YOUR state. You need to educate these people. If they’re not sick, they’re clueless about “OUR EPIDEMIC.”
  4. Anybody can be the spokesperson; a spouse, friend, family member, priest, doctor, lawyer; someone you feel comfortable with. The spokesperson will receive a script and should rely on that, when the media asks him/her questions as to why they’re having a rally.
  5. Lastly, everybody who has been affected should WRITE THEIR SENATORS OR SET UP MEETINGS WITH THEIR AIDES. I prefer snail mail because the e-mail just gets bounced back with a generic letter.

And guess what? 2018 is an election year!! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? 33 Senate seats are up for re-election on November 6, 2018.


If you can’t be a spokesperson and you can’t be at the rally, what can you do????? Write your senators, your Department of Health, your attorney general; share the rally on Twitter, Twatter…whatever the hell it’s called…share it on FB, Instgram…share it on your support group. Or WRITE IT ON YOUR FOREHEAD WHEN YOU GO GROCERY SHOPPING!!


Look…I get you’re sick. I’m sick, too. If you can’t leave your house, I get it. But there’s 400 other things you can do.

If you go to the rally and a friend can’t be there, bring a pair of shoes to represent their presence. Copy the “DON’T PUNISH PAIN” logo and attach it to a pin.



Or…we can just complain and do nothing.


If you want to be a spokesperson, email me at


If you decide to read any of my blogs, they are R rated. So if you’re a Christian IMG_20171120_191649.jpgand you’re easily offended, DON’T SCROLL DOWN.

If you need me to advocate for you, please message me using MESSENGER ON FB. I usually respond within the hour.

Most importantly, pay it forward. If I advocate for you, please reach out and help someone that’s hurting, that’s depressed. “DO….DON’T SAY.”

I love you all. I’m honored that you call me, write me, e-mail me, and confide in me.


Remember….you have a friend in Providence, Rhode Island.

(“DOTTY ON POTTY” is being illustrated as we speak. Most of the proceeds go to the Merandi Foundation which will assist people with their health-related expenses.)










Please don’t be intimidated by the role of spokesperson. We need to have one at every rally. When the media arrives, they’re going to want to talk with somebody and that’s the spokesperson. And you’ll know exactly what to say without the media twisting your words? YOU KNOW WHY??? Because I am going to interview you as many times, as many times as it takes, until you’re comfortable. And if you’re not comfortable speaking with the media, your teammate will happily take over.

Look…we can sit on FB, complain about the problem, complain that our spouses don’t take the trash out…(WAIT..WRONG BLOG)…or we can ACT!!

So..who’s with me? I have 48 states and only 60 spokespersons.








There have been plenty of folks that have messaged me to tell me, “You’re wasting your time” or “This isn’t how you go about it.”

So, to those people I say: Either support the rally or shut your mouth. Who knows? Maybe the rally will be a bust. Or the rally could be an amazing day, for some very sick people to meet one another, support one another, and just have a day to RALLY!!




19 thoughts on “DON’T PUNISH PAIN RALLY

  1. Anyone in Washington state yet? It seems rather daunting, since were all at different levels of pain. I’m sure others are like I am, it just depends on the day, whether you can get up and go. I am a medically retired critical care RN. I never thought I would be on “this side” of pain management. After a work injury, which caused an infection that ate my spine away, being rebuilt with metal, to walking around with a current fracture in my spine, life is pain. I remember learning about pain in college but never paid much attention to it I never knew much about drug abusers until I became a nurse and saw it first-hand in the hospital the links that people will go to to obtain drugs however on the flip side of that there are people with constant in horrible pain these people don’t abuse the system cuz it’s been showing less than 3% of people prescribed opioids for particular reason will abuse prescriptions. MDs can monitor patients with these prescriptions by simple UA’s randomly done,noting if a patient wants to constantly go up on their dose, if they run out of it or they lose prescriptions, among certain parameters that Healthcare professionals can look for, to know whether somebody’s abusing or not. I’ve worked hand-in-hand with my physician and the pain clinic and my surgeon to not become addicted to these medicines but dependet on them for some type of semblance of life. I’ve never gotten “high” I’ve never abused them, but without them, there’s no way I could even climb out of bed in the situation I’m in. I have many stories and much experience regarding both sides of this dilemma and I’m anxious to find out about the rally in Washington.

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    1. Cherie…hi…we are desperate for a spokesperson in Washington State. If you or you know someone that is interested, please e mail me at W State is IMPERATIVE to cover because it’s been hit so badly.
      I understand every word you just said. Most don’t get “high” but it relieves their pain. This is something that our attorney general, Jeff Sessions, can’t fathom. It’s awful and I’m fearful it will get worse.


  2. I would like to help. Right now I suffer from MG, Kidney failure, hashimoto’s, COPD, Seizures and now Multiple Myeloma plus a lot of other stuff. I live in Ahwahnee Ca, and would be willing to be a spokesman


    1. Hi Marty, Next rally is 9/18/18 in all major cities. We’re getting contact people in place. Bad news: if there’s no contact person, your city won’t have a rally. Basically, it’s up to the pain patients in each state to protest. Stay well and keep fighting xo


  3. I just saw this today, And would like to help anyway I can. Im A Chronic Pain Patient And Have Been Since 1998. Is there a spokesman in North Carolina that I could get in touch with? How Is It Right For The Dea Or Cdc To Tell Drs Who Went To School To Treat Pain, how Much Mgs Each Person Should Be On? Everyone Is different, height, Weight, what he/she has wrong with them… Ect… I’m truly angry that this is happening to people who are taking random drug test, pill counts and have never had an issue with their Dr! We shouldn’t be punished for the other irresponsible people who misuse or sell their medication or may even use other stuff with their medication that’s why the overdoses!!! Just really disgusted with our Government lately!!! This is wrong on so many levels! I wonder if this is a way to get rid of us disabled people???


    1. Hi Shelly, thank you for reaching out. This is totally a way to get rid of chronically ill people. We don’t contribute so they want to eliminate. It’s disgusting. But guess what? We’re fighting back. Next protest is on 9/18/18. Join NC!!


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